RiskInk’s story began through the experiences of founder John Thackeray, who regularly came across risk documents that were poorly written and badly structured. Principally, this was the result of the subject matter expert being unable to write and articulate the subject matter. This culminated in a plethora of rewrites, leading to a loss of authority, authenticity and reliability.

RiskInk was built as a specialized boutique risk documentation consultancy, leveraging John Thackeray’s risk and compliance expertise with his creative writing skills and a passion for his trade. As a senior risk executive at Citigroup, Deutsche AG and Société Générale, John has perfected the art of producing risk documentation that no other consultancy, big or small, can deliver.

As technology and the regulatory environment change, RiskInk is at the forefront, delving into research and writing white papers in everything there is to know about risk documentation. We take Shakespearean pride in delivering your prolific documentation that will stand the test of any and all who read them, with minimal reviews and revisions.


John Thackeray is a risk & compliance practitioner and an acknowledged writer. As a former senior risk executive at Citigroup, Deutsche AG and Société Générale, he has had a first-hand engagement with US and European regulators. John holds an MBA from the Chartered Institute of Bankers and was a Lecturer in Banking, Economics and Law.

He is a frequent contributor, thought leader and speaker on risk industry insights and has published risk articles and white papers for the Global Association of Risk Professionals, the Risk Management Association, the Professional Risk Management International Association, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, and the Chief Financial Officers University.

John tackles risk documentation with Shakespearean pride and leverages his unparalleled industry knowledge to deliver documents for either Chief Risk Officers of large banks or leaders of medium-sized businesses and institutions.